Hyperpigmentation Laser

Hyperpigmentation Laser

Our New Hyperpigmentation Laser is an effective way to target unwanted pigment on the skin. You do a lot to look and feel great, finding time to enjoy life to the fullest while still taking care of your body and skin. Yet the effects of the sun, pollution, stress and fatigue can add up, keeping your skin from looking as good as you feel. Our Hyperpigmentation Laser treatment uses patented fractional laser technology to target age spots and sun damaged skin effectively improving tone, texture and other more superficial signs of aging.

During your Hyperpigmentation Laser treatment

Each Hyperpigmentation Laser treatment is tailored to you and can even be combined with other treatments to achieve your desired outcome. Results of the treatment are both immediate and progressive. Soon after your treatment, the surface of your skin will feel softer and smoother, look brighter and show more even tone. The next 3 to 6 months will bring continued improvement as your skin builds more collagen. Results are long lasting depending on your lifestyle, age, skin condition and skin care regimen.

When will I start to see results?

Desired outcomes are typically reached in multiple treatments. The specific number of treatments will be determined at your complimentary cosmetic consultation. We will work with you to identify your goals and desired results.