Light Therapy

While corrective skin care noticeably treats brown spots, acne, fine lines, texture and increased collagen production, dermal fillers can be used to create volume and structure to the face. Fifty to Sixty percent of patients treated in our office are not ready for surgical procedures. Therefore, options have been made available to offer correction and enhancements.

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The LumiFacial treatment combines the application & interaction of four different colors of LED Light.
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The LumiLift procedure is a revolutionary way of rejuvenating the skin and lifting sagging muscles.
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Light therapy treatments such as LumiLift and LumiFacial can offer non-invasive strategies for revitalizing your skin. The treatments address common skin conditions, such as fine lines, large pores, sagging skin, uneven pigmentation and acne. LumiFacial uses four different colors of LED light to even out the skin tone and rejuvenate the skin. The procedure uses natural light similar to sunlight but without the harmful UV rays. LumiLift treatment uses two electrodes with a micronized current and light energy to penetrate the dermis of the skin, stimulating collagen production. The increased collagen helps to soften wrinkles, smoothing out the surface of the skin. The treatment stimulates biological currents that your body already produces to tighten your muscles. Both procedures are natural and are non-invasive. You can get results without having to have surgery or to be out of work. There is no down time with either procedure.