Ready to say goodbye to acne? Who isn’t!

acne treatment at Delaine Anti-Aging in Valparaiso, INAdult Acne. Those two words shouldn’t belong together. After all, when we were teenagers, we were told we’d outgrow our acne. Instead, here it is time to deal with wrinkles, and the acne is still going strong. In fact, studies show that over half of all 20-something women still have breakouts. For what it’s worth, teen acne and adult acne actually are a bit different.

When we were younger, our acne primarily appeared in the “t-zone,” driven by those teenaged hormone surges and oily skin. Now your zits have most likely moved to the “v zone,” the area running from your chin, up both sides of your jaw, but still aggravated by changing hormones and pore-clogging oil.

Here are three additional causes for adult breakouts that you might not have thought of:

Hidden Problem #1 — Your cell phone

Phones are covered in germs, many of them known to cause infections. Add to that, the irritation to your pores that causes inflammation when your phone rubs on the sides of your face, and you have a perfect recipe for a breakout.

Solutions — Clean your phone frequently with a disinfecting wipe.
Use your speaker or earbuds to keep your phone away from your face altogether.

Hidden Problem #2 – Your hair and skin products

Hair products are meant to coat your hair, but can cause breakouts when they get on the sides of your face and on your forehead. Many face washes and creams have ingredients that clog pores and irritate your skin.

Solutions – Always rinse your face when you use conditioners, hairspray or styling gels. Let us review your care products for suspicious ingredients and suggest suitable, non-acne causing replacements.

Hidden Problem #3 – Your family

If you have a family history of acne issues – mom had acne, so did dad, so does your brother – it’s definitely a contributing factor to your own struggles with the condition.

Solution – Schedule an appointment for a consultation where we can work together to create a treatment plan that can best manage your unique skin problems.

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