Types of Plastic and Facial Reconstructive Surgeries

Facial plastic surgery is usually done to enhance and improves one’s appearance. People take a lot of effort to look good since the face is the most prominent part of our personality. Those seeking facial rejuvenation are prepared to try out a number of procedures to help achieve a youthful or flawless appearance. Here is a list of commonly performed procedures by plastic surgeons.

Neck Lift

The neck region is particular vulnerable to aging and begins to sag as you get older. First signs of aging can be witnessed when you notice vertical bands in the front portion of your neck. With a proper neck lift, these concerns can be effectively addressed.

Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

Face lifts are done to enhance the overall appearance of the face to counteract the effects of aging. The process involves the employment of incisions around the ear which is used to lift and tighten skin tissue. When done right, the person will look refreshed and more youthful in appearance.

Eye Lift (Blepharoplasty) People with sagging skin around the eyes can greatly benefit from blepharoplasty. This involves cosmetic surgery to both the lower and upper eye lids as well.


Facial implants are frequently used by doctors to provide better symmetry to the face. Implants can be used to improve the contours of the face. For instance, this can be achieved by using chin or cheek implants to correct a small chin or a weak jaw to provide a more youthful appearance in both men and women.


In certain people, the ears tends to sometimes stick out resulting in an odd appearance. You can make the ears look less prominent by setting them to a more favorable position by performing surgery.


Rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’ where minor refinements are induced to the nose to make it look more cosmetically appealing. The procedure is often a simple one where the surgeon for instance might be required to slightly elevate the nasal tip or might involve the removal of a hump from the front portion of the nose. Rhinoplasty also offers medical benefits to patients. The surgery can be used to resolve respiratory disorders or congenital defects which get cleared post-surgery.

Skin Surface Procedures

These procedures are typically done to improve skin texture and make it smooth. Depending on the patient, the plastic surgeon can perform procedures like resurfacing, chemical peels, lasers and dermabrasion. The latter is a process through which facial skin is scraped to the desired level to help get rid of acne, scars and minor injuries.

Younger people adopt other alternative procedures where injectables are used to treat wrinkles. Neuromodulators like Botox are very popular with middle aged men and women and can produce great results.

Reconstructive Facial Procedures

This procedure is usually performed to help treat injured or weakened areas in the head and neck region. Patients can include burn victims, cancer survivors and those with facial injuries. Reconstructive surgery is also used to treat congenital birth defects like birth mole removal, cleft lip correction or surgery to rectify deformed ears.

Trauma Based Injuries

Surgery is required to treat head and neck injuries, the extent of which can range from simple knife lacerations to extensive facial damage suffered through gunshot wounds. The procedure often involves the use of plates, screws and multiple skin grafts from other parts of the body which are later transferred to the injured portion of the face.