5 Do’s to Stay Away from Cellulite

The Big C is highly dreaded by many women. It’s a sad reality that cellulite actually occurs in 80% of women aged 20 and above. Hence, it’s very likely for this cottage-like skin condition to appear in many different areas of your body, whether or not you are overweight, and even if you’re still quite young.

1. Do Exercise.

When you regularly exercise, you bring about a lot of wonderful benefits for your body and skin. One of these benefits is for firmer, tightened skin, especially if you are starting to show signs of aging already. Indeed when your skin is toned and rejuvenated, you can avoid sagging skin as well as the development of cellulite. Exercise promotes healthier skin.

It would do you a lot of good to practice cardio exercises and to do some weight-lifting as well. What’s more, you ought to research the specific exercises that would help prevent or treat cellulite appearance.

2. DO Eat Healthy.

Are you aware of how much sugar and unhealthy fats you consume on a daily basis? Well, it’s probably about time for you to take note of what you put into your mouth. This is not merely for weight management but for your overall health too.

Having poor eating habits will lead to cellulite. So rather than munching on those chips in the middle of the night and downing plenty of alcohol regularly, you should turn to fruits and veggies. You should focus on incorporating healthier options into your general diet.

In addition, try to also avoid fad diets which cause “yoyo bodies”. Quick weight loss and weight gain, especially when they occur repeatedly, will certainly take their toll on your skin. This is a sure way to spread cellulite!

3. DO Avoid Smoking.

For the sake of your appearance and health, avoid smoking at all costs. This bad habit will lead you nowhere but down the drain. Not only will your lungs and general well-being suffer, but you will age faster!

This means you’re not just going to get dark-colored lips, but your skin will become dry easily and wrinkles and age spots will emerge earlier than usual. And yes, just as the years of your life will keep decreasing, your cellulite will keep multiplying with every stick of cigarette you smoke.

4. DO Use Right-Sized Underwear.

Do you know that underwear which is too tight can also cause those unsightly dimples, waves, and creases to appear on your skin? It’s essential to pick the right size of your underwear so as not to aggravate the likelihood of cellulite to develop.

When you wear tight or ill-fitting underwear, the blood flow is hampered or interrupted. It therefore leads to greater cellulite advancement in the butt and thigh areas.

5. DO Practice Anti-Aging Tips.

Aging is one of the biggest factors that cause cellulite. This is why practicing valuable anti-aging tips on a regular basis can impede the development of the dreaded C.

Stress hastens the aging process. Thus, it’s beneficial to apply stress busters and to learn how to think, speak, and act in a positive way. Furthermore, you have to watch your diet and avoid smoking, drinking too much, and of course doing drugs. These are all ideal recipes for faster aging.

Why not meditate or get into yoga? Perhaps you could also take anti-aging supplements, learn to be more appreciative of your blessings, and establish a good sleeping pattern. Surround yourself with loved ones and expose yourself to things that make you happy. Sooner or later, you’ll be surprised to discover just how such simple practices can take years off your body and help prevent the cellulite too.

Naturally, it’s also good to consider modern procedures available today, which are designed to treat cellulite and promote healthier, better-looking skin. For one, our Lumicell Touch technology can bring about greater collagen growth, augment blood circulation, and stimulate normal cell functions. It can soften fibrous tissues and also tone your skin fairly well.

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