Enzyme Peel

An enzyme peel is used to deeply cleanse and resurface the skin on the face by treating the upper layers of skin tissue. This product is called a peel because it literally helps to peel dead skin cells off of the skin. By removing dead skin cells, the face is left clearer with a more even tone and texture. Furthermore, by removing the dead cells from the skin, these peels help to promote renewal within healthy skin cells. They can also help to diminish the visibility of scars, age spots, and wrinkles.

An enzyme peel is often made with fruit enzymes that both nourish the skin and help to slough off the dead skin cells. One of the ways that an enzyme peel can improve skin health is by reducing acne. By thoroughly cleaning the pores and removing dead skin cells that may be clogging the pores, a peel can help to improve clarity in the skin.

An enzyme peel is different from a chemical peel in that it is much subtler in its effect. Chemical peels usually remove far more layers of skin than those made with fruit enzymes. A chemical peel can leave the skin very sensitive and require recovery time.