Give the Gift of Youth This Father’s Day

Neckties are getting old as Father’s Day gifts, so why not give Dad’s ‘turkey gobbler’ a neck lift instead?

He doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable about it, too. More and more men, particularly in New York, are getting gift certificates for Botox and facial rejuvenation procedures – neck, brow, cheek and face lift – around Father’s Day. And if he is not ready for the works, perhaps he can ease into cosmetic surgery with non-invasive facial treatments like facial peels, dermaplaning and dermal fillers to look younger and refreshed on his special day.

Some men may need convincing to get pricked or go under the knife. Things are changing, however, and getting cosmetic surgery is no longer viewed as non-macho; it’s not something to be shy of anymore to be getting sculpted surgically for aesthetic reasons. The prevailing reason is that if it’s something you can afford and something that will make you feel and look great, then go for it. And many men do; in fact, right around Father’s Day.

This increasing trend of ‘Brotox’ can be largely attributed to the fact that more and more successful women themselves want to have partners who look as good. Men, too, are enjoying the benefits of looking young in many areas in their lives. If they are in their midlife changing careers or rising up the ranks, looking good and feeling confident ups their chances of getting hired or promoted, especially for men who appear exhausted due to naturally droopy eyelids, sagging jowls and that pesky ‘turkey gobbler.’

Single and single-again men who want to get back into the dating scene also get that instant confidence boost with a Botox or liposuction. First impressions do matter even as people intuitively know that they should look for qualities beneath the surface; looking good puts the person in that position to meet as many people and increase their chances of finding the right mate.

Ultimately, however, cosmetic enhancements are all about taking care of yourself even though some people may not share your views. It’s about not accepting things as they are and taking responsibility for what makes you feel good and fulfilled.