How to Maintain Your Brand New Look After Liposuction

Many people believe that liposuction is the quickest solution to their stubborn fat problems, and while that is true to a certain degree, it does not mean it is a long-term solution. After undergoing liposuction, patients are still responsible for making sure that they take care of their bodies to prevent gaining back lost weight. Going back to your old habits that brought about your need for the procedure is likely to lead to dissatisfaction of your post-liposuction figure (or the need for another liposuction procedure) in the long run. To make the most out of your procedure, here are the two most important things you can do to make the results last longer.

Exercises are still the best way to keep fat at bay

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure that does not necessarily lead to permanent weight loss. While fat and fat cells are removed from indicated areas and fat may not regrow there, the body regains compensatory fat for metabolic and reproductive reasons (for example, women who do not meet the required 23% of body fat may not easily get pregnant). If not sculpted by strength training and similar exercises, these fat-prone areas will once again bulge.

Exercise is also important in burning off visceral fat – fat that surrounds organs deep in the abdomen – which liposuction does not remove. In fact, it is this type of fat that is more important to keep off as its occurrence can lead to Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Eating healthy is doing half the job

All efforts poured into hours of exercising will be for naught if it is not paired with a healthy diet.

Post-liposuction diet is not very much different from your typical dieting regimen. Foods that overflow with simple carbohydrates like bread and pasta, as well as those that contain lots of sugar like pastries and desserts, are big no-nos.

Dietitians highly recommend that patients eat green leafy vegetables post-liposuction and advise them to steer clear of tubers like potatoes because of their high starch content. Lean meat and fish are also recommended as they are the primary sources of protein for those who are on a diet.

In addition, post-liposuction patients should also indulge on fiber-rich foods like whole grains as they easily fill up the stomach without the sugar crash that comes after meals. They also keep the blood sugar stable as they are longer to digest compared to simple sugars and starches, thus keeping hunger pangs, and binge-eating, to a minimum.