Plastic Surgery Can Help Disfigured Patients Achieve Normal Life

Plastic surgery is not just about looking good, although that is a huge part of the picture as that is the type that gets the most media exposure. Cosmetic surgery is often associated with celebrities and high-profile personalities, and so most of those outside the industry assume that plastic surgery is all about vanity. That may be true for those who want to feel more confident with their appearance, and nothing can be closer to the truth for those who really need plastic surgery for what it really is at its most basic.

Not as popular in mainstream thought about plastic surgery is the fact that its earliest beginnings stemmed from the need to operate on gladiators whose ears, lips and noses, and in fact the rest of their bodies, had been severely damaged in the arena.

In ancient Egypt, there was also a need to use reeds to keep the nostrils open as the nose healed, perhaps due to fights or hunting accidents. Plastic surgery would have enjoyed advancement early on had the Catholic Pope Innocent III not forbade any surgical changes to the body. Even if that were allowed, however, plastic surgery would still have progressed slowly, as the technology of general anesthesia was at its infancy at this time, and so any attempts on the use of sharp objects on the human body was excruciating.

Contemporary plastic surgery also stemmed from the need of war veterans and accident victims to return to a normal life with a more normal face. Modern facilities are not just equipped to deal with cosmetic problems but with reconstructive procedures as well, and both branches have their own specialists.

If you believe you have a child who you think may possibly benefit from enhancement surgery, rapidly rebuilding their self-esteem and sense of self-worth, or you have a family member or friend that was caught in an accident, or perhaps a family member who was disfigured in the battlefield, a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon may be a life changing event for someone you care about.