Is Plastic Surgery Right for Me?

With every plastic surgery procedure, there’s a risk involved. You simply have to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks. Examine both the physical and psychological risks before engaging in plastic surgery. An initial consultation with a plastic surgeon will help you through this process. Here’s some reasons why you may want plastic surgery:

1. To Correct a Deformity from Birth or an Accident

When most people think of plastic surgery, they automatically jump to conclusions and make assessments about a person’s vanity. This is not always the case. Many plastic surgeons treat patients who have a deformity from birth or from an accident that is affecting their psychological well-being.

When a person has a cleft palate or a misplaced bone in the nose, it’s noticeable to the public, and people may react differently. This is when it’s necessary to correct the deformity and restore confidence. Plastic surgeons have advanced equipment that can correct nearly every problem.

2. To Improve Your Image and Boost Your Self-Confidence

If your self-esteem is low because your face or body is less than perfect, and you’ve done all you can do to mask the problem, plastic surgery may be an option. You must keep in mind that plastic surgery is not meant to make your problems go away, but it can enhance your image and help to bring it closer to your ideal.

If you consult with your physician, and he or she feels you are not requesting plastic surgery for healthy reasons, they will not recommend the surgery because the desired results are not guaranteed. Since plastic surgery is not an exact science, you must be prepared if there is a less than favorable outcome.

3. If It’s Affecting Other Aspects of Your Health

If you cannot breathe because your nose is misaligned or have a baby because you’re overweight, you may be a candidate for plastic surgery. When your health is at stake, you must do whatever possible to correct the problem. Facial corrective surgery and liposuction are just two of the procedures that are offered by the office. This office also offers body contouring, mole removal, and countless other procedures that will improve your health and mental well-being.
Why You Should Choose Dr. Van Putten

Dr. Van Putten is one of the most reputable doctors in the industry. He will perform the surgeries to the best of his ability with state-of-the-art equipment. Before surgery, he will perform an initial consultation to learn about what you want and determine if the procedure is best for you. Select Dr. Van Putten if you’re considering plastic surgery in Indiana.