Post Surgery Tips To Keep You Motivated

Whether you had a basic Botox injection or a full facelift, your body undergoes significant stress during these procedures. Once you are out of the doctor’s office or hospital, follow a few key steps to keep yourself healthy and motivated to show off your new look after healing.

Rest and Rest More

Ask a close friend or relative to drive you home after the procedure. Regardless of the procedure, you need to rest immediately afterward and maneuvering through traffic is difficult and stressful when you are feeling poorly. Once you are at home, collect all your critical belongings, from a cell phone to a water bottle, and settle into a comfortable couch or chair. Allowing adequate rest gives your body time to heal and mend faster compared to busying yourself around the house.

Use the Season

Most plastic surgery is best performed during the cooler months when you can wear long sleeves and pants to hide the effects. Cover any unsightly bruises or scars with colorful scarves and sweaters. Take this opportunity to change your hairstyle and makeup. If you have visitors over, they will be distracted by your new look, rather than the surgery blemishes that usually fade in a few weeks.

Be a Vampire

Sunlight radiation is stressful for healthy skin, but skin recovering from plastic surgery procedures is extremely vulnerable. Try to stay out of the sun during recovery. If you must venture out on a hot day, wear sunscreen approved for your skin’s delicate nature. Skin procedures, specifically, are negatively affected by sun exposure. Your healing time can be extended dramatically if you sunburn one afternoon.

Working Out

Talk to your doctor about exercising. Each procedure has its own limits on working out, such as avoiding high impact or endurance exercises. Typically, your body needs two to four weeks of rest before any workout regimens resume. When you do feel ready for a good workout, start slowly and work your way back to a normal pace. If you used to lift 10 pound weights, start with five pound dumbbells to prevent soreness and possible body damage to scarred areas.

Choose Wisely What to Eat and Drink

Your body responds differently to junk and healthy food. Hydrate your body with plenty of water, and avoid sugary, soft drinks. You need to cultivate a healthy inside to support the healing outside. If you eat poorly during recovery, it shows in your skin and slows the healing process. Diets rich in fruits, vegetables, dairy and lean meats allow you to recover quickly with more energy than ever before.

Take care of your mind and body after plastic surgery. Socialize with friends and family as you recover to keep your mind focused on normal, everyday pursuits. You’ll emerge as a new person once the recovery process ends.