Scared of Plastic Surgery? Here Are 3 Noninvasive Options You Need to Know About

While many people are looking to get a cosmetic procedure done, they are not ready for invasive procedures. These procedures can dramatically improve appearance but come with recovery time, medication and precise planning. Fortunately, there are many alternative options if you belong to the same group of people. Here are three procedures you should look into:

  1. Thermage – If you’re looking for a facial lift and a reduction in wrinkles, thermage is a great solution. It works by activating collagen fibers under your skin using radio-frequency energy. The result is a strengthened collagen which creates a smoother, more lifted face. There is very little to no down time and the pain is minimal. Thermage is not limited to the face as it is also used to contour common trouble areas like the mid section with great success.
  2. Juvederm – Most people focus on fine lines and not enough on volume. Juvederm is a substance made out of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in your body and helps hydrate and create the volume which you see in younger people. The procedure is done by injecting Juvederm with a microneedle under your skin. Minor swelling is common and there is virtually no down time. The pain is also minimal. The doctor will often use a topical anesthetic to minimize pain in the more sensitive areas.
  3. Radiesse – When it comes to deep lines, there isn’t much that commercial wrinkle creams can do. Radiesse is wrinkle filler that can smooth out deep wrinkles. Many patients report that Radiesse injections are less painful than Botox. Like other noninvasive treatments, the recovery time is very low and problems that arise as a result of the injections are rare. A facelift isn’t the be-all, end-all when it comes to achieving a more youthful looking appearance.

There are just three of the many different noninvasive procedures that can help you achieve or maintain a youthful look. Not everyone is ready for a serious cosmetic procedure. If you’re looking for other procedures, then make an appointment Dr. Van Putten to learn more about what other options are available.