Sweet Dreams Begin with Sweetly Cared For Skin!

skin care Getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge. You have your routine, your nightly rituals and mantras. Your skin deserves a good night’s rest, too, from the constant bombardment of daily pollutants, dirt and grime. When you forget to clean your skin before bed, dirt, makeup and germs don’t rest and your skin can’t rejuvenate.

RULE OF THUMB: Don’t tuck yourself in until you’ve cleaned your makeup off your face. If you leave it on, your makeup grinds into your skin all night, causing breakouts and stretching your pores, which makes your skin look older.

Here are a few helpful tips to follow for rested, refreshed skin:


You may choose a gentle soap, cleanser or cleansing wipes…or a combination of these. Be sure to use a gentle hand, don’t pull or tug at your skin and rinse with warm, never hot, water. Warm water opens pores, allowing for a deeper clean.


There are many gentle exfoliants available for this step, but it is not a good idea to exfoliate every night. Exfoliation a few nights a week gets rid of dead skin and encourages your body to replenish itself while you sleep. Don’t exfoliate the skin around your eyes. Stick to your nose, forehead, chin and cheeks.


Night creams are richer and thicker and are designed to provide your skin with an extra layer of moisture while you sleep. Use a small amount and spread it all across your face and neck. For additional moisturizing benefits, add a base layer of serum before the cream.


Don’t neglect the area around your eyes! Eye creams are used to combat puffiness and help relax the tissue around your eyes. Eye cream should be applied gently, with your ring or pinky finger, as the skin around your eyes is one of the most sensitive areas of your face. Using eye cream at night is your best defense against crow’s feet and those wrinkly lines around your eyes.

To learn more about your amazing skin and how to care for it, call us for a consultation!