Benefits of Using Antioxidant Creams For Skin Care

Antioxidant_Cream skin care products delaine md anti aging in michigan cityAntioxidant creams are known to have a magical effect on the human skin. It is known to delay the onset of aging and is also often used to nourish damaged skin in the body. They achieve this by reducing the levels of free radicals in our system which is one of the chief reasons behind damaged skin. Here are some of the advantages that come with using anti-oxidant creams.

Increased Production Of Collagen

Antioxidant creams are known to combat free radicals present in the body. Free radicals are absorbed when the person is exposed to skin irritants like pollution, cigarette smoke or radiation. They are also released during the breaking down of food in the body. With the release of these free radicals, the collagen proteins present in your body get broken down causing it to loosen up over time. When collagen loses its elasticity, the skin becomes increasingly prone to the effects of aging like wrinkles. Antioxidant creams are a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Beta Carotene which can be used to repair and nourish damaged skin. With topical application, the threat of the free radicals can be effectively neutralized and the production levels of collagen in the body can continue unhampered.


Since these creams are a rich source of vitamin A, they can be used to treat acne. The nutrient is also known as Retin A in the cosmetic industry and is a regularly used ingredient in most skin care creams. The nutrients in the cream penetrate deep into the pores of your skin to help remove the keratin plugs that remain lodged there. It should be noted that keratin plugs are one of the chief reasons behind the development of acne. This way, by using anti-oxidant creams you can greatly reduce the presence of acne on your skin.

Age Spots

As you enter your golden years, you will notice the formation of age spots on your skin. These are known as solar lentigines and usually occur due to the increased production of melanin in the body. One of the common reasons for age spots can be attributed to excess exposure to the sun. The brown or black colored spots are caused when melanin compounds in the skin get clumped together. Antioxidant creams can be used to address the issue since it is rich in vitamin C and this will help to regulate the levels of melanin in the body.