Skin Care For A Lifetime

Regrettably, women (and men) go through the largest portion of their lives simply taking their skin for granted. And for many years, it’s easy to do, as youthful skin seems to have certain suppleness and resilience that can’t be easily hurt by day to day living practices. And while today, we have a greater knowledge of the harmful effects of sun exposure and how it can damage the skin and produce skin cancers, we still aren’t doing enough.

General Protection

The majority of people think to apply sunscreen or sunblock only when they know in advance that they are going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time. And even then, may only apply it once, at the beginning of that time period, and then proceed, believing that they will have adequate protection for the entire duration of whatever it is they’re going to be doing. They pay little or no attention to the directions of reapplication at specific intervals of sun exposure. And the times they normally think to apply sunscreen are somewhat limited, with those times being going to the beach or before swimming at a pool, and participating in outdoor events and amusements.

Daily Protection

The fact is, skin needs protection every day. Whenever we are outside, whether riding in a car or lying on a towel in a swimsuit, we are getting exposure to the sun. It’s a good idea to use some form of sun protection on all the areas of our skin that will be likely to receive exposure to the sun, every day. The most frequently exposed areas of our skin are our faces, chests and arms, and many times our legs receive too much sun as well. It primarily depends on what we are wearing.

A Habit Of Proper Care

We all should take heed of the necessity to protect our skin, and take good care of it in every way possible: from using quality products like cleansers, moisturizers and antioxidant creams to wearing the best form of sunscreen for whatever we will be doing. Kojic acid body cream is an excellent product to use for restoring much of what the sun has taken from your skin. No matter what your age is, it’s not too late to begin taking better care of your skin. It’ll take years off the age you appear to be!