Feeling Your Best

One of the most instrumental components of feeling good is directly connected to the way a person feels about his or her looks. The impression one has of his or her own outer image, while sometimes a bit “off,” has everything to do with how he or she proceeds through their day, often influencing the way they are perceived by others, in all types of interactions. Some people seem to just have been blessed with the best physical features, while everyone else has to work at looking good and well put together.

Facial Symmetry

Studies have revealed that the most successful, attractive and popular people are those who have been blessed with something called facial symmetry. People with facial symmetry generally tend to look healthier to others, according to surveys, and oddly, facial symmetry has actually been linked to good health. One theory is that distinctive or overly prominent facial traits are tied to familial chromosomal disorders. The preference for average faces may have evolved as a way of humans to identify a mate with good genes.

Small But Significant Improvement

There are some people who may have a particularly distinctive physical feature that, while not necessarily even noticed by others, is truly bothersome, and over time can decrease that person’s feeling of self worth and self-esteem. Those who have had corrective surgery for such issues have emerged feeling more attractive, more worthy and overall much better about being in public and interacting with others. There are surgical procedures that are able to give anyone the facial symmetry that some fortunate people were born with. These procedures have been perfected through the years, to improve not only the techniques used, but also the cost of the various surgeries.