Study Links Breast Reduction To Improved Mental Well-Being

There is a lot of buzz surrounding breast size – specifically how to surgically enhance flat bust lines – but very few talk about excessively large breasts that interfere with normal living.

Problems Arising From Overly Large Breasts

There are real medical concerns, however, that arise from unusually large breasts. Apart from an excessive breast size causing physical discomforts such as back or neck pain, soreness from bra straps digging into the skin, possible inflammation beneath the breast, and the inability to take part in certain physical activities, an excessive breast size can also be responsible for several mental ailments. Pendulous breasts can lead to psychological problems like over self-consciousness, reduced self-esteem, and emotional discomfort from an excess of inappropriate attention.

Fortunately, there are accredited surgeons and facilities that specialize in both breast enhancement and reduction surgeries. But since both procedures are considered purely cosmetic, they are typically not covered by health insurance.

Breast Reduction Meets Health Insurance

A study at Wexner Medical Center at the Ohio State University aimed to justify breast reduction surgery as qualifiable for insurance coverage. The study revealed that indeed, breast reduction leads to quantifiable improvements in various aspects of health and overall quality of life. The subjects who had their breasts reduced reported that they led richer physical and psycho-social lives after the operation. Because women who have pendulous breasts often have difficulty in being physically active, they usually live sedentary lifestyles, a very common cause of depression, obesity and related illnesses.

After breast reduction, the subjects reported deeper sleep due to more exercise, which is now made more frequent by manageable breast size. The subjects also reported higher emotional and psychological satisfaction from their now normal breast sizes due to better physical appearance and the more appropriate attention they are getting. Reduced medical costs (that the subjects once had to incur due to the physical complaints associated with large breasts) also contributed to mental well-being.

What Is Mammoplasty And Who May Qualify?

Breast reduction surgery is known as reduction mammoplasty and is the practice where excessive breast material, along with fat and skin, are removed and repositioned appropriately in order to reshape the breasts into a more proportional, comfortable and appealing bust-line.

Although this procedure may be carried out on women as young as teenagers, it can only be carried out once the breasts have completed their development. Women who wish to undergo this procedure must be non-smokers or at least be prepared to quit temporarily. The procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia and any risks are fully explained prior to the patient agreeing to the operation.