Treat Yourself To A Chemical Peel

chemical peels
Your sweaters have become your wardrobe staple as winter settles in and fun in the summer sun is but a fond anticipation. It’s January. Brrrrr. Why not treat yourself to one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world while the weather is chilly? Treat yourself to a chemical peel.

Chemical peels are trending now because they are a quick, affordable outpatient procedure which give a youthful, fresh look to dreary, winter skin.

As you age, your skin begins to show the effects of depleted hormones, genetics and the environment. Peels remove the damaged outer layers of your skin and are an effective treatment for uneven skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and its scars, sun-damaged skin and pre-cancerous growths. A chemical peel will leave your skin with a healthy, younger-looking glow.

A peel is a controlled injury to your skin. It causes your skin cells to separate and exfoliation to begin. A peel uses an acid solution to remove the damaged, outer layers of your skin, enhancing and smoothing your skin’s texture. Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), or phenol are applied to your skin, depending on the condition being treated and your unique skin type.

At DeLaine Anti-Aging, we offer a variety of peels. We will evaluate your skin and tailor a formula and strength to your unique needs to ensure the most desirable results.

• Medications will be administered for your comfort during treatment.
• Your skin will begin to peel 2-5 days after the treatment.
• Wash the peel area gently with a mild cleanser, and pat dry with a soft towel.
• Seven to 10 days after the procedure, your new pink skin will emerge.
• The pink color will fade but your skin will be sensitive, so you should avoid exposure to the sun until the pinkness fades and you must use a sunblock.
• The amount of time it takes for a full recovery varies with each patient.

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