Benefits Of Lumicell Technology To Treat Cellulite

The Lumicell Touch technology is used by cosmetic surgeons to help treat patients diagnosed with cellulite. It is basically a light based technology, which when combined with vacuum sub dermal massage, will help to greatly enhance the appearance of skin. The procedure provides patients with excellent results and is known to be highly effective towards reducing the presence of cellulite. It also improves blood circulation, re-oxygenates the skin, eliminates vascular and muscular tension and enhances natural skin function.

What Is Cellulite?

People with cellulite usually tend to have an orange peel like texture on their skin. As the condition progresses it leads to localized fat deposits in body and causes the skin to lose its elasticity. The rippling of inner thighs and the development of spider veins is also a common symptom of cellulite. The condition is usually caused due to an imbalance between the creation and elimination of fat in the cell structure. The reasons for cellulite could be attributed to hereditary causes, poor dietary choices, stress or physical activity.

Different Stages Of Treatment

When the vacuum powered device is brought in contact with the skin, it stimulates blood flow in the body and releases existing lymphatic blockages. Lumicell technology is known to activate adipocyte receptors (alpha and beta), which is in-charge of storing and releasing fat deposits present in the system. The infrared and magenta light emitted by the device helps to warm tissues, in the process eliminating stored toxins and fat molecules in the body. This is followed by the ultrasound where localized fat deposits are liquefied. The procedure stimulates fat depletion and prevents additional fat from being stored in the cells. The Bipolar Radio Frequency stage is responsible for enhancing tightness and firmness of skin. The procedure is used to improve collagen production, where skin tissues get tightened with the existing fibers of collagen.

Why Go In For This Procedure?

The Lumicell Touch provides excellent results for patients looking to treat cellulite. It improves skin texture, makes it more firm and also reduces the circumference of the body. The patient will also be benefited by a clear visible reduction in cellulite while the procedure is also painless. This makes it ideal for all types of patients diagnosed with the above medical condition. To obtain optimum results, you might be required to undergo 14-18 sessions. The degree of treatment is also dependent on skin condition and the age of the patient.