Dermabrasion Treatment

A cosmetic procedure like dermabrasion is carried out to treat any visible defects present in the upper layers of skin. The technique involves the use of a diamond wheel or wire brush (also known as fraise or burr) that revolves at a rapid pace to create an abrasive effect on the skin. The planing action removes the top layers of the skin that will eventually be replaced by smoother skin.

Dermabrasion is commonly used to treat the face to help reduce the appearance of freckles, scars and acne. When the treated portion is replaced by new skin, you will notice that your complexion looks fresher and is also free of skin blemishes.

Why Is It Done?

It is typically used to treat acne scars, color changes in the skin, lights scars caused due to surgery or trauma related accidents and superficial skin growth.

In many cases, the procedure is also used to correct tattoo scars, pox marks, age spots, wrinkles and other related skin conditions. It should be noted that dermabrasion may not be ideal to rectify burn scars, pigmented birthmarks, congenital skin defects or moles.

What to Expect?

Prior to surgery, the face is cleaned and the affected areas are clearly marked. The person is then given a local anesthetic to create a feeling of numbness in the skin. Following this, ice packs are placed on the skin for the next 30 minutes before the commencement of surgery. Sometimes plastic surgeons also use cryogenic spray incase the patient requires deeper skin abrasions. If you plan on getting your entire face treated, you may require general anesthesia or sedation.

The process involves treating one small patch of area at a time while a freezing spray is used on a constant basis to keep the skin tight. Recovery can vary from one person to other depending on the depth and size of the area that was treated.

Skin regrowth typically occurs within 4-8 days and the newly acquired skin will initially appear slightly red or pink in color. The skin color eventually returns to its normal shade within 6 -10 weeks. If you have to go to work, you can easily achieve a normal skin tone by applying a little makeup.