How To Recover From Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery can help a lot of women with their body issues and give them the self-confidence they have been searching for in their life. It is also a very helpful surgery for breast cancer survivors who wish to have breasts once again after a mastectomy. It’s a procedure that has been severely misunderstood by the media and the world as being an unnecessary surgery that only the shallow get in order to make themselves into something unnatural. It is time that this stigma is left behind because it has been proven to help so many people who suffer from body image problems.

If you have decided to or are thinking about getting breast enhancement surgery then you should be aware of the recovery process, because it is pretty involved and isn’t as simple as getting the implants and calling it a day. The doctor will go over the recovery process with you, but if you are just looking around, trying to find information about it, here you go:

Self Massage

The breast post surgery has a lot of scar tissue around the area, the amount depends on the complexity of the surgery, but the doctor is going to instruct you to massage the implant. This usually means that you are going to have to gently move the breasts around in a clock wise or counter clock wise manner. This will make sure that the scar tissue doesn’t sit in one spot and that the implant isn’t going to harden in place. If you don’t do this the breast will move very little once the area around it has healed and you will be stiff afterword. This can a bit painful, but it is worth it as it can also help speed up recovery.

Wear Proper Support

Most post surgeries will have a special bra for you to wear. The bra is built specifically for breast recovery after the surgery and gives you some extra support during the next few weeks. This will be crucial for you as it will help speed up recovery and make sure that the implants are getting the support they need as they, and your body, adjust.


This may be a bit hard for some of you out there, but rest will be needed. You can return to work once again after a few days off, but just be sure to avoid any physical contact for a month or longer and to avoid any situations that may raise your blood pressure.