Seasons and Your Surgery

When it’s April and the weather is finally warming up, you may start thinking about bathing suit shopping and realize that you need to get some liposuction done to look great on the beach. Plastic surgery helps many people find their perfect look, but it is preferable to time it correctly. Because it is not an emergency procedure such as gall bladder removal you can schedule the surgery for the perfect time of year. Basing plastic surgery on the seasons allows you to heal before you want to present yourself to your friends and family.

Fall and Winter

If you plan ahead, the best time for almost any procedure is the fall and winter. Schedule your appointment well before Christmas and New Year’s Eve to look fabulous at holiday parties. Sweaters and pants are your best friend after a surgery such as liposuction or breast augmentation. Bruises and swelling are not as visible under a stylish sweater. School and work commitments keep friends and family busy while you recuperate at home. With modern medical technology growing steadily, recuperation periods have decreased dramatically, allowing you to go back to work or play faster than ever.

The Makeup and Hair Factor

If you just had a brow or face lift, you are bound to have some swelling and bruising. Using the season as a reason, change your hairstyle or makeup look to cover the procedure’s temporary flaws. Friends and family will center their attention on the new look rather than the change to your features.

Spring Touch-Up

If you have a non-invasive plastic surgery need, try to schedule it in the early spring. With kids still in school, you can recover at home until the busy summer season arrives. It is not preferable to perform major plastic surgeries at this time because you cannot hide behind large sweaters. Your procedure could become public knowledge as bruises are easily seen with sleeveless, spring clothing lines. If possible, keep your surgeries limited to out-patient choices if you are striving for privacy as a number one goal.

Avoid Summer

Summer is the worst time for any major surgery procedures. Being bathing suit season, you’ll want to have your body at its peak performance instead of recovering from surgery. Many surgeries stipulate that you must remain out of sunlight, especially for laser resurfacing. Hold any major
plastic surgery plans until the fall arrives. In contrast, basic Botox or other simple adjustments may be perfect for summertime.

Take a look at your family’s personal schedule and see when your surgery is possible. If children are going to be away or your spouse is out of town for work, these may be the perfect opportunities to have your surgery and recuperate before everyone comes home.