Corrective Surgery As A Gift?

There are many ways in which this topic can sound very insensitive and tasteless. However, corrective plastic surgery is often a gift that someone will cherish for a lifetime. While there are some corrective procedures that are done simply for the sake of aesthetics, there are corrective procedures that are quite necessary for some people. This is especially true in the case of children.

Children who have had to live through cancer treatment or another type of grave illness may have scars when they are very young that they simply do not want to look at for the rest of their lives. A corrective plastic surgery can smooth over scars from major surgeries and allow the child, when they are developed enough, to feel as though those surgeries never happened. A corrective surgery can be a new lease on life that the child may not have had before.

Children who were born with birth defects also benefit from corrective surgery. A child who had a cleft palate corrected as a child may still show some signs of the surgery simply because their body has grown and developed. When the child is developed enough for another surgery, a wonderful gift is the gift of that last scar from the first surgery being corrected permanently.

Rhinoplasty is seen as a popular gift for girls when they reach age 16 or 18. However, this gift can be more than simply a gift. For girls, having a nose that they are uncomfortable can be a great sense of embarrassment and even harassment when they are in school. While it is easy to tell girls to love themselves as they are, there are times when their nose simply presents challenges for them that are detrimental to their long term self-esteem.

Moreover, there are other instances in which many children need to have their nose corrected as they get older to allow for growth in their sinuses or to correct broken noses they suffered when they were younger.

Corrective plastic surgery can be a lifelong gift that allows someone to move away from their past and into their future with confidence.