Bye Bye Brown Kit

antioxidant cream at delaine anti-aging in michigan city indianaTreat Sun Damaged Skin & Hyperpigmentation

Using Fade, an advanced hydroquinone free skin lightener, overall skin tone can be controlled with no side effects noted. Fade is also an excellent pre-conditioner for laser & chemical treatments of the face and body.

Antioxidant Cream is packed with high concentrations of vitamins and botanical extracts. Used daily, Antioxidant Cream acts as a barrier of protection from environmental damage and aids in reversing accumulated hyperpigmentation.

Kojic Acid Body Cream is formulated specifically for the treamtnet of sun damaged and aging skin on the body. Vitamins A & D are paired with Avocado Oil to distribute hydration to the skin as Kojic Acid fades away unwanted pigment.

Fade, Antioxidant Cream & Kojic Acid Body Cream used in combination, create an excellent skin lightening protocol that provides real results you can see.

Many women are troubled by brown spots on their skin. These areas of hyperpigmentation can be caused by scarring, sun damage, or even age. It is possible to reverse the development of these troublesome brown spots. All you need is the right combination of care provided by top-quality skin care products.

Make Brown Spots Disappear

DeLaine’s Bye Bye Brown Kit contains three special products: Antioxidant Cream, Fade, and Kojic Acid Body Cream. When used in combination, these products can lighten brown spots on skin and produce a noticeably lighter complexion. Even stubborn spots can be lightened. Consider how using these products can benefit your skin.

Antioxidant Cream – This DeLaine product is used to heal the damage caused by environmental factors, such as sun and dry air. Antioxidants are powerful substances derived from natural sources; vitamins and botanical extracts combine to give your skin a full range of defense. This cream forms a barrier that protects your skin from harm and promotes deep healing.

Fade – One of the few hydroquinone-free skin lighteners on the market, Fade promotes a light, even skin tone wherever it is used. Many women use Fade as a pre-conditioner when preparing for chemical or laser skin treatments.

Kojic Acid Body Cream – This rich body cream contains Vitamins A & D, avocado oil, and other nourishing ingredients to return lost moisture to delicate skin. Kojic acid fades away excess pigment.

Start Seeing Results

The powerful ingredients contained in these three DeLaine skin care products will go to work right away reversing hyperpigmentation. Order your Bye Bye Brown Kit today to begin enjoying a naturally spot-free complexion.

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