Eek! Your Neck may be Making you Look Older!

light therapy valparaiso | laser treatments INIf we have learned anything – anything at all from the Real Housewives, it’s that we don’t have to look older than we want. For the most part, we are able to pick and choose the signs of aging that we will accept, and those that we will adamantly reject. We plump deflated lips and lift sagging brows.

We fill out flattened cheekbones and strengthen the jaw line. Still, there could be a crucial point that is missed. And if it is, you may look older despite all of your effort.

What causes my neck to sag?

It’s easy to overlook the skin on your neck. At some point, though, this becomes impossible. Usually when the chin takes on some fat, and when a crepey “bag” of sagging skin develops where there used to be a swan-like curve. These concerns may seem to have developed overnight, but experts tell us that is not the case.

There aren’t very many places on the body where the skin is more delicate than the neck. We now know that this area is as delicate as the eyelids, and is thus as easily effected by aging. The primary difference between these two areas is that the eyes may get a lot more TLC than the neck. Because we know the sun ages the eyes, we may wear sunscreen and sunglasses. We apply nourishing solutions, and we may even get anti-aging facials and other treatments. All the while, the neck is ignored. The muscular band that sits in a horizontal line drops into a V-shape. The poorly supported skin and tissue on the neck weakens, and allows fat cells to protrude.

What to do to Nourish your Neck

There are ways to bring out the best in your neck so it reflects the youthfulness of your face. Some of the most common include Botox and dermal fillers, which can diminish horizontal lines and fill in areas of volume loss. Light and laser therapies can brighten and, in some cases, tighten. Finally, for advanced signs of aging, neck lift surgery may be considered.

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