Redness and Rosacea Kit

Rosacea treatment Valparaiso, IN | Delaine Anti AgingRedness & Rosacea Kit for Red, Irritated Skin

The perfect combo to combat red, irritated or problematic skin!

  • Perfect Hydration Cleanser
  • Tea Tree Oil Masque
  • Perfect Hydration Moisturizer

Perfect Hydration Cleanser will balance the skin and add hydration while soothing irritated skin. Tea Tree Oil Masque works beautifully as a spot treatment for Rosacea or breakouts and can be used on the entire face for light exfoliation and refinement.

Perfect Hydration Moisturizer adds a barrier of moisture while plumping the skin up with hyaluronic acid.

*If you have oily skin, Tea Tree Oil Cleanser can be substituted.

Additional Information

Product Size:
Perfect Hydration Cleanser – 3.5oz (100 G) Airless Pump
Tea Tree Oil Acne Masque – 3.5oz (100 G) Jar
Perfect Hydration Moisturizer – 1.7oz (50 G) Jar

Dramatic Skincare. Dramatic Results

Say Goodbye to Irritated Skin

Every day skin redness is a problem for a number of people. Often, skin can take on an inflamed and painful look due to common irritants found in many environments. This can have a devastating impact on the self esteem of those afflicted. Fortunately, our all natural treatments offer a great alternative to the standard cleansers and creams, which can often include harsh chemicals that only serve to further damage skin.

Banish Irritated Skin for Good

Our treatment combines a number of natural ingredients aimed at doing away with red and irritated skin. This multi-tiered approach includes treatment for every aspect of skin irritation, from cleansers to moisturizing creams to healing masques. By employing our treatment, you will find that your skin looks and feels healthy all day long.

Hydration Cleanser is the First Step

Hydration cleanser rids yours skin of dirt and oil which can cause acne and irritation. By utilizing all natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about the effect of harsh chemical cleansers, which can actually damage sensitive skin and cause more irritation down the line.

Tea Tree Oil Masque Soothes Damaged Skin

Another aspect of our line is the irritation reducing masque. By applying this gel based masque frequently, you can ably sooth red and irritated skin with an array of ingredients, including tea tree oil, natural clays, as well as Benzoyl Peroxide.

No matter what skin type you may have, our range of cleanser is specially formulated to treat all types of skin conditions, from dry to oily. For more information on our line of great products, please feel free to contact us at 888-632-8222.

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